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Post by Were-Ah on Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:25 pm

Rules are subject to change and grow as needed. Will post 'update' to bump rules thread. Please post any questions here or on the Viber, as you feel comfortable.


The rules as written are to cumbersome for a forum RP.

Travel is done in the style of the first two Dragon Age games. Travel between certain points will have the DM do an 'encounter roll' to see if a battle/encounter/RP related session will occur. If you would like the chance to RP while traveling, please let the DM know.

The DM will clock travel time, but requests the players keep a eye on it as well. The DM has dysgraphia and is not naturally organized.


Expenses can be accrued, but that will be discussed when it comes up. ( spoilers! )


Initiative is tricky in a forum setting. So, we will have everyone roll initiative and the person with the highest initiative will go 'first' in the fight. Unless they choose to 'hold' their action or something else.

If this proves to be cumbersome or too difficult to deal with, then we will stick to posting order. In the interest of time, the DM may ask to stick to posting order, especially in 'non-challenging' battles or so she can keep up with what is going on better. ( especially if there are lots of enemies! )

Critical Hit

'Natural 20'
'Nat 20'
'Critical Hit'

This a 'natural' 20, without mods.

This means that you performed whatever action perfectly, whether it was an attack, some kind of check, etc. This is the best possible outcome!


Donovan wants to investigate the room and check for traps.

-- rolled a nat 20

Donovan finds all 5 traps with ease, as if they were in plain sight. He can also tell that the person who made them was an expert, someone spent a lot of money on these traps!

Critical Miss

'Crit fail'
'Critical failure'
'Nat 1'
'Natural 1'

( note: the PHB and the basic rules don't actually have the critical failure rule in it! This is technically a house rule! . . . that literally every group does. )

When doing an action or check and a 'natural' 1 ( without mods ) is rolled, then that is a critical miss or critical fail. There are usually consequences. The DM can use a 'critical fail' chart to see what fate befalls your character. The DM may also ask how you think your character failed. The DM may also just tell you what happened as well.

It does not matter if mods would 'bump it' up from 1. It's still a critical failure.

It does not matter if a negative modifer  ( example, rolling a 2 on a Wisdom check with a -1 mod, still not good, but not a natural 1 )

Donovan wants to investigate the room and check for traps.

-- rolled a nat 1

Donovan does not see any traps and tells the group that it is safe to come in. The Paladin is subsequently shot in the ass with an arrow after she also rolls low on perception.


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